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Letters of Recommendation from Professors

When requesting recommendation letters from professors, you must submit a spreadsheet of the judges to whom you are applying.  Follow these steps to request your faculty recommendations:

Step 1: Request letters of recommendation.  At least one month before your application is due, ask faculty members to start writing recommendations. If you do not give the faculty member one month notice, the faculty member cannot guarantee that the deadline for the recommendation letter will be met (barring exceptional circumstances). Give your recommenders a copy of your updated résumé. You may do this before you have selected judges to apply to. Waiting too long will not allow your professors enough time to draft well-written letters.

Step 2:  When requesting letters of recommendation for more than one judge, you must supply your faculty recommenders and their assistants with the Excel spreadsheet containing contact information and the application method for each of the judges to whom you are applying. To create your recommender spreadsheet, you must use the excel template to create a list of judges. Complete your spreadsheet by entering your name, the names of your recommenders, and your application method (mail, email, fax, or OSCAR). It is very important to include the date the letters are due to each judge. You will find the names and contact information for faculty assistants on each professor’s page in the online Faculty Directory.

Federal Clerkships: You can locate contact information by downloading the federal Judges List finding the judges you are applying to; and copying the rows for those judges to your recommendation spreadsheet. You must supply your recommendation spreadsheet to your faculty recommenders and their assistants at least two weeks before the application deadline (barring exceptional circumstance). Spreadsheets received late may result in recommendation letters not meeting the deadline.

State Clerkships:  If you are applying to state judges, consult the Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures for contact information (email Career Services for the login and password or find it in the Resource Library on Career Connect).

Step 3: Additional Letters. If you request additional letters of recommendation after your initial batch, you must provide your recommenders or their assistants with a spreadsheet containing the additional judges.