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Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

Lewis & Clark Law School’s LRAP helps our J.D. graduates take the Public Interest jobs they desire without having to worry about covering law school loan expenses.  There is no set cap on the amount of assistance an individual graduate can receive, and we regularly help with up to 100 percent of law school loan servicing costs depending on funds available.

If you are using your Lewis & Clark law degree to help under-represented people or causes at a government, non-profit, or tribal office with a yearly salary below $45,000, you may qualify for LRAP assistance.  Graduates first apply within the first three years following graduation and recipients may continue to apply until five years after graduation.  A full statement of rules and qualifications is available in the LRAP Description (pdf).


  • By April 22, graduates apply for LRAP assistance for the 2013 funding year
  • May, awards are announced and half the award is delivered to each recipients.
  • August, recipients check-in to make sure they are on track with LRAP requirements and the remainder of awards is delivered.
  • April the following year, recipients submit paperwork showing qualification for forgiveness.

Awards are structured as loans, and upon the recipient showing completion of a year of qualified public interest employment, LRAP loans are forgiven.  This method is designed to avoid recipient tax liability as described in Revenue Ruling 2008-34; although, you should verify your individual tax situation with a tax advisor.

2013 Funding Year Documents

Forgiveness Application

Please consider making a donation to the LRAP endowment or annual fund.