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Public Interest Law


Lewis & Clark Law School’s Certificate in Public Interest Law allows students with an passion for serving the public to focus their studies and gain the skills they need for a successful public interest career.

Important Documents

Review the Certificate Description and get the certificate application and paper forms at the Registrar’s Certificate Programs page.

How the Certificate Works

To receive the Certificate in Public Interest Law, law students must complete a selection of public interest courses, write a comprehensive research paper on a subject relating to public interest law, and complete fifty hours of student pro bono service. Students have the option to further focus their studies into a specific subject area within public interest law and receive recognition of that focus on their certificate. Certificate recipients must be Lewis & Clark law students.


Students may receive either a general Public Interest Certificate or pursue a topical focus in the following areas of law:

  • Health, Disability, and Aging
  • Labor and Employment
  • Consumer Law
  • International Law and Immigration
  • Family and Juvenile Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Indian Law

Public Interest Law

Contact Us

  • Public Interest Law is located in room 38 of Gantenbein on the Law Campus.


    voice 503-768-6886 fax 503-768-6729

    Executive Director
    Tracy A Sullivan

    10015 S.W. Terwilliger Boulevard
    Portland, Oregon 97219