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We invite members of the Lewis & Clark community—alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the law school—to share their memories of the law school with us. We welcome all kinds of submissions, including stories, journal items, quotes, and photos. Your contributions will form part of our online memory book.

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Tonya Alexander '01

Tonya Alexander ’01

My fondest memories of law school are from first-year softball—a.k.a. mudball—followed by pub crawls to Portland-area dive bars. Showing up as muddy and thirsty as possible of course was the goal. I distinctly remember being covered head to toe when I pulled up to a gas station and I’m sure I didn’t look like a future lawyer. ;) I appreciate balancing hard work with play and love the law school for always finding ways for us to have fun while learning. Happy 100 LC—you age well! Tonya

Libby Davis ’93

I fondly remember our first 1L exam—Civil Procedure with Ed Brunet. We were all sitting in the classroom talking and laughing. Professor Brunet walked into the room with a stack of exams under his arm and we all went instantly silent—like all the air had been sucked out of the room. His response was, “people, keeping talking and relax!” It made a huge difference—at least for me—that he made us take a few minutes to relax before he started the exam. I still smile every time I think of that moment and when I see Ed on campus! Classmates: I hope you come back to visit the campus during the Centennial Celebrations!

Adina Flynn ’96

Softball. Being terrified the first month, but even more terrified to quit. Our classmate’s worst guide dog ever. He would walk under tables in the cafeteria. Spicy peanut tofu burrito from Fulton Pub. Mark Ginsberg eating only foods that started with “A” one day, then “B” the next, and so on. I think he just ate oranges on the “O” day. Having a locker again…and really appreciating it. Those were some heavy books. David Amen teaching me Con Law in one night. Going up to the law school every day during Christmas break to check to see if grades were posted.

Sarah Petersen ’08

Prof. Beth Enos and her Contracts class were an important part of my 1L year. Her sense of humor and zeal for the subject made the class come alive. My favorite memory of her class is the day that we introduced her to “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” and someone gave her the link to a pirate name generator. She loved it, and our final was all about pirates making contracts. The names in the hypos were some of our classmates’ pirate names. “Booty” was obviously the primary means of consideration.

Jason Wilson-Aguilar ’96

I have so many great memories of attending Lewis & Clark Law School that it is difficult to narrow down the list. I remember sitting outside at orientation listening to one of our professors offering all of us nervous newbies encouragement, telling us that we would all make it. It was great to feel so supported. I also remember sitting outside for a class on a gorgeous spring day (granted, paying attention was a bit difficult). The campus is so beautiful and welcoming—it truly was a wonderful place to attend school.

Brook D. Wood ’09

My most vivid memory from Lewis & Clark Law School is from Day 1 as a 1L, my first class—Civil Procedure with Professor Brunet. We had already had an assigned reading for that day and he dove right into it, calling on me as the first person to answer that first question. It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I’ve tried to keep in touch with Professor Brunet and even a few years after graduation, he remembered calling on me that day. I always knew he cared about teaching and his students, but being remembered like that made it even more special.

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