1993: Wildlife Law Symposium

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A symposium focusing on the need and methods for reforming wildlife management practices in response to changing scientific, social, and moral views regarding wildlife and ecosystem management.

Management Policies of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife 
Discussion of state wildlife agnecy’s implementation of Oregon wildlife laws and promulgation of wildlife management plans and policies. 
Susan Foster, Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission 
Jim Greer, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife 
Chris Wheaton, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife 

Ecosystem Approach to Wildlife Management 
Scientific views pro and con on the viability of eco-system based wildlife management. 
Deborah Brosnan, Lewis & Clark College 
David B. Marshall, Consulting Wildlife Biologist 

The Endangered Species Act 
History and overview of ESA; how it relates to wildlife management policies; proposed amendments; agency implementation. 
Dan Rohlf, Natural Resources Law Insitute 
Brian Vincent, Forest Conservation Council 
Dan Stotter, Headwaters 

Moral and Social Implications of Wildlife Management Policies 
Contemporary views of wildlife management: animal rights and animal protection. 
Gary Francione, Rutgers University Law School 
Robert Hillman, Animal Protection Institute 
Dave Siddon, Wildlife Images