1994: Marine Wildlife Symposium

Marine Wildlife Symposium

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The Marine Wildlife Synposium will offer a comprehensive discussion of current issues affecting marine wildlife and anadromous fish.

The panels will focus on the legal, social, and moral implications of marine species management practices; both the current state of the law and the need for reform will be addressed.

Because the impact of these practices is felt throughout the community, the conference will be helpful to attorneys, government ageny employees, law students, animal protection advocates, and anyone else interested in marine species.

Salmon and the Law: An Overview 
Michael C. Blumm 
The Ethics of Capture 
Strategies for Recovery: Protecting Healthy Stocks and Ecosystems 
Mary Scurlock 
Allocating Harvest and Prioritizing Fishing Rights 
Tuna, The Navy & More-Dolphin Issues 
David Phillips 
The Marine Mammal Protecting Act: Reauthorized 
The Northwest Power Act: Hudro Power and Salmon 
Marine Wildlife Litigation 
International Treaty Issues 
River Restoration and Habitat Preservation 
Whaling Issues Revisited 
Biodiversity and the Endangered Species Act 
daniel J. Rohlf 
Effective FOIA Requests 
David A, Bahr 
Hatcheries: The Preservation of Listed Species 
Species Conflict Resolution 
The Trust Doctirne and Native American Treaty Rights 
Mary Chirstina Wood