1996: Legal Issues Concerning Animals of the Pacific Northwest

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The Conference will focus on the legal, social, and moral issues surrounding the animals of the Pacific Northwest.

Animal Rights: A Practical strategy for Achieving Personhood for Nonhumans 
Gary L. Francione 

Wildlife Impacts of the Warner creek Salvage Sale 
Marianne Dugan  Western Environmental Law Center 

Constitutionality of Closure Orders 
Stu Sugarman  Witness Against Lawless Logging 

Refuge Areas for Native Fish — A Conservation Strategy for the Next Decade? 
Guido Rahr  Director of Salmonid Conservation Policy, Oregon Trout 

Conservation Strategies for Anadromous Fish 
Bill M. Blake  Native Fish Society 

Salmon: Habitat and Hydrosystem 
Glen Spain  Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations 

Protecting Salmon of Federal Lands in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. The Endangered Species Act at Work 
Mary Scurlock  Policy Analyst, Pacific Rivers Council 

Endangered Species Act: Why the Fishing Industry Needs the Endangered Species Act
Glen Spain  Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations 

Why the IWC Should Not Grant the Makah Indians an Aboriginal Quota 
Toni Frohoff  Humane Society of the United States