Controversies in Animal Law

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Debunking the Either/Or Myth: Connecting Social Justice Movements 
Jayne Downing-Burnette Executive Director, Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service 
Pamela Frasch and Dana Campbell of Animal Legal Defense Fund 

Appetite for the Exotic: The International Trade of Animal Parts 
Chris Wold, Professor at NWSL 
Adam Roberts, Society for Animal Protective Legislation 

The Ethical and Environmental Legalities of Livestock Food Production 
David Wolfson, attorney, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy 
Charlie Tebbutt, attorney with Western Environmental Law Center 

Viewing of “The Witness” 

The Nuts and Bolts of Animal Litigation 
Jonathan Lovvorn, attorney, Meyer & Glitzenstein 
Marianne Merritt, attorney, Hirschkop & Assoc. 
David Wolfson, attorney, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy 

Behind Locked Doors: USDA’s Role in Hiding Animal Abuse in the Research Industry 
Matt Rossell, local activist campaigning to end OHSU’s primate research 

Current Legislation Impacting Animals 
Wayne Pacelle, Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs, The Humane Society of the United States 
Scott Beckstead, attorney 

Outdoor “Recreation”: The Human v. Animal Interests 
Mike Markarian, Executive Vice President of The Fund for Animals 
Jonathan Lovvorn, attorney, Meyer & Glitzenstein; Coby Dolan, attorney, Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund 

The New Zealand Animal Welfare Act and Great Ape Legal Protection 
Paul Waldau, Vice President of the Great Ape Project 

Dancing Bears, Fast Dogs, and ”˜Fun’ for the Whole Family: Behind the Curtain of Animal Entertainment 
Marianne Merritt, attorney, Hirschkop & Assoc. Connie Theil, Oregon Coordinator for the Greyhound Protection League 

Keynote speech by Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer, and Presentation of the Nancy Perry Golden Cougar Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animal Advocacy