2001: The Politics of Animal Law

The Politics of Animal Law

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Endangered Species Act 
William Carpenter, Bald Eagles Caught in the Klamath Basin Conflict 
Dan RohlfAlsea Valley Alliance v. Evans and its Effect on Coho Salmon 

Standing for Animals from a Practitioner’s Standpoint 
Joyce Tishcler ALDF 

Enacting Animal Legislation 
Nicole Cordan, Save Our Wild Salmon 
Ryan Deckert, Oregon State Senator 
Heidi Wills, Seattle Councilwoman 

Animal Agriculture and the Humane Slaughter Act 
David J. Wolfson 

Loss of Companionship Damages for Animal Torts 
Nancy Brown-Kobil 
Geordie Duckler 
Paul Leonard 
Scott Beckstead 

Contracting to Include Animals in your Life 
Ted Faulk, TruePaws Insurance 

Public Record Access and Litigation 
Dan Bahr 
Dave Stotter 

The Law and Politics of Whaling 
Chris Wold 

An International Political Context for CITES 
David Favre