Climate & Air

  • Tackling the causes and impacts of global warming

    Climate change, driven by diverse and disparate sources, poses an enormous threat to ecosystems worldwide. Rather than waiting for federal regulation and global consensus, Earthrise Law Center has taken the lead addressing the causes and impacts of global warming by creatively using legal tools that are already available. For example, using the Clean Air Act, Earthrise secured the closure of the only coal-fired power plant in Oregon, eliminating the largest source of carbon emissions in the state.

    Similarly, Earthrise is spearheading citizen involvement in transportation choices throughout the Northwest to ensure that road and bridge construction is done wisely, so as not to promote more cars and trucks or spur more urban sprawl. Because of the success of our regional work, we are now expanding our climate change efforts to address sources of greenhouse gases across the country.

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Earthrise is Helping Sierra Club Oppose False Solutions to Climate Change in New England

We are representing Sierra Club in opposing a faux-“green” megadam hydropower transmission line. We have submitted two sets of comments, and are waiting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s response.
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Earthrise attorney Kevin Cassidy Receives Cape Cod Bay Life Preserver Award

Earthrise attorney Kevin Cassidy was awarded the Cape Cod Bay Life Preserver Award for 2016 by the Jones River Watershed Association (JRWA). JRWA Executive Director Pine duBois said Cassidy was being recognized for his work on the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant trial in August 2016, which challenged a permit from the Town of Plymouth, MA given to Entergy Corporation authorizing the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel at the Pilgrim plant located on the shores of Cape Cod Bay. 

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Professor Dan Rohlf

Bloomberg Law talks with Professor Dan Rohlf about climate change and threatened animals

Professor Dan Rohlf discusses a recent appeals court decision which allows animals to be considered “threatened” based on climate change models. He speaks with Bloomberg Law hosts June Grasso and Michael Best on Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Law.”
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Earthrise Concludes First Trial as Lead Counsel

Earthrise concluded a six-day trial in Massachusetts Land Court in August, on the issue of whether a new long-term nuclear waste storage facility at the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts required special authorization from the Plymouth Zoning Board.

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Superfund Aerial Deposit Ruling: Did Court Get it Right?

A ruling that cleared a Canadian smelter of Superfund liability for aerial emissions has sparked criticism and accolades in the legal community. Professor Craig Johnston spoke to Bloomberg BNA on what this could mean for hazardous waste law.
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Earthrise Helps Reach Settlement Against One of the Largest Midwest Coal Power Producers

Earthrise Law Center has helped reach a settlement a Clean Air Act citizen suit brought against three aging coal-fired power plants in the St. Louis area owned by Ameren Missouri, one of the Midwest’s largest public utilities.
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Proposed Methanol Pipeline Disrespects the Dead

Press release from Earthrise client regarding proposed methanol pipeline that would cut through a pioneer cemetery in Kelso, Washington.

NEDC files petition to redesignate Lakeview as Nonattainment

Lakeview’s persistent violations of federal particulate matter standards endangers public health and the environment.
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From left to right: Robert Bailey, Linda Peters, Aubrey Baldwin, John Krallman, Mary Peveto, John Williams

Earthrise Clients and Intel reach agreement on Clean Air Act Violation

Earthrise clients Neighbors for Clean Air (“NCA”) and Northwest Environmental Defense Center (“NEDC”) have reached an agreement with Intel to resolve claims the company failed to obtain the proper air emissions permit for its new D1X expansion, currently under construction in Hillsboro.
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Aubrey Baldwin

Earthrise’s Clients Hold Intel Accountable

10/29/13 - Earthrise attorney Prof. Aubrey Baldwin is quoted in The Oregonian’s ongoing coverage of concerns over Intel’s air emissions.
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Neighbors for Clean Air Uncovers Flawed Permit

10/18/13 - Earthrise client Neighbors for Clean Air, and NCA staff attorney John Krallman ‘11 (Earthrise alum), are featured in this article about Oregon DEQ’s failure to issue a proper permit to an industrial source of air pollution.
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Interstate Bridge in 1917

CRC Contradictions in the News

10/17/13 - Earthrise Managing Attorney Tom Buchele is quoted in a Willamette Week article about the latest on the proposed Columbia River Crossing.