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Why give to Earthrise?

Earthrise protects and preserves the environment by providing expert, low or no cost legal services to conservation groups while training the next generation of environmental advocates. 

We rely on the generosity of individuals, foundations and local businesses to help us deliver expert services to Earthrise students and clients. Your contributions are critical to sustaining Earthrise and its commitment to protect the natural resources of the nation and beyond.

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Earthrise - Stand With Us! from Earthrise Law Center.

Is there a way to give small and have a BIG impact?

Yes! We know that donating money is a difficult decision sometimes; the strains that our struggling economy is placing on most individuals and families is felt nationwide.

We feel it at Earthrise too.

Your support is invaluable and vital to our work, so we developed a unique giving opportunity that will provide the flexibility needed to maintain or even increase your capacity for giving this year.

Earthrise’s monthly giving campaign allows individuals to support our work throughout the year in a convenient and effective way.

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What are my OPTIONS for donating to Earthrise?

“I have such a strong passion for Earthrise’s mission, but I make a modest salary working for another local nonprofit, so giving generously has not always been easy.

When I found out about Earthrise’s new monthly giving program, I jumped on it. A small amount of money (at a level I choose) is taken out of my account each month, basically equal to $1 per day.

It’s easy, painless, and it makes me feel like I’m making a real difference over the short and long haul.”

- A loyal Earthrise Supporter


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