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Why give to Earthrise?

Earthrise Law Center is training the next generation of environmental advocates by having them work side–by–side with our attorneys on precedent-setting litigation. Together, our attorneys and students tenaciously represent our clients on matters that are both environmentally and legally significant. In so doing, our teamwork approach helps secure the environmental protections our clients seek while creating a multiplier effect through our graduate’s future work in protecting the planet.

We rely on the generosity of individuals, foundations and local businesses to help us deliver expert services to Earthrise clients and a top-notch education to our students. Your contributions are critical to sustaining Earthrise and its commitment to protect the natural resources of the nation and beyond.

Make your gift today!

Earthrise - Stand With Us! from Earthrise Law Center.

Is there a way to give small and have a BIG impact?

Yes! Become a monthly donor!

We know that donating money is difficult sometimes. The strains that our struggling economy is placing on most individuals and families is felt nationwide. We feel it at Earthrise too.

Would you donate an hour of your time each month to ensure that invasive species don’t spoil our waterways or to get lead out of ammunition that causes irreparable harm to endangered species like the California condor? Instead of giving an hour of your time, if you’re employed, donate your hourly rate to Earthrise. It’s that easy!

Earthrise’s monthly giving campaign allows individuals to support our work throughout the year in a way that evens out the dips and valleys in our funding to ensure we can continue our valuable work for decades to come.

Are there other ways to support Earthrise?

Sign up through snail mail

If you prefer to sign up to become a monthly donor by mail, simply download our Monthly Giving Form (PDF) and send it to Earthrise’s office (address included on the form).

“I have such a strong passion for Earthrise’s mission, but I make a modest salary working for another local nonprofit, so giving generously has not always been easy. When I found out about Earthrise’s new monthly giving program, I jumped on it. A small amount of money (at a level I choose) is taken out of my account each month, basically equal to $1 per day. It’s easy, painless, and it makes me feel like I’m making a real difference over the short and long haul.”

- A loyal Earthrise Supporter


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