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Please donate by following the link below so we can continue to protect the environment. Despite the difficult times, Earthrise continues to fight for the environment and our clients. Here are just some of our recent achievements:

  • On behalf of Sea Shepherd New Zealand and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Earthrise achieved a ban on the import of fish from fisheries that cause bycatch of the endangered Māui dolphin (roughly only 54 of these dolphins remain in the wild) in excess of U.S. standards pending the outcome of the litigation.
  • Against the backdrop of an unprecedented drought in the Southwest, Earthrise—on behalf of Save the Colorado, Living Rivers, and the Center for Biological Diversity—we are in front of the Ninth Circuit challenging the management and operations plan for Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, in light of impacts from climate change.
  • On behalf of Northwest Environmental Advocates (NWEA), we won summary judgment and secured a settlement that will lead to increased protections for aquatic species from toxic pollutants in Washington’s waters.
  • Also on behalf of NWEA, Earthrise has been litigating several cases seeking to improve the Clean Water Act’s “total maximum daily load” (TMDL) programs in the Pacific Northwest. TMDLs serve as roadmaps to bring polluted waters into compliance with water quality standards, so timely development and implementation is important.
  • On behalf of NWEA and the Idaho Conservation League, we settled a long-running case with EPA that will result in improving Idaho’s water quality criteria for mercury, which have not been updated since 1996. The settlement came about after then-Earthrise student, Michael Benjamin Smith, prevailed in a summary judgment argument.
  • In partnership with Food & Water Watch, we achieved a settlement requiring EPA to respond, after more than five years of delay, to a petition to overhaul its rules regarding pollution from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), or factory farms. Unfortunately, EPA’s response was a decision to deny the petition, which we have now challenged in the Ninth Circuit.

Your support will allow us to continue to take on these kinds of cases, achieve great results for the environment, and provide excellent learning opportunities for students so that they too can join the fight when they graduate.

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