Client Enrollment

General Program

Please fill out the SBLC Intake Form (this intake form is open for submission during the first two weeks of every month). This will start the process of coming through one of our four programs, each designed to serve clients at a greatly reduced cost. We will respond as soon as possible, generally on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Please refer to client eligibility before applying to our programs.  Any applicable fees will be discussed during the initial intake phone call. Thank you. 

SBLC Intake

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Formulario de la SBLC

Intern Patent Program

In addition to our traditional transactional legal services, we have a patent program which is designed to serve entrepreneurial inventors each school semester (Fall and Spring) at a greatly reduced cost. This program has limited capacity and thus can only serve a few clients each semester. Applications open a month prior to the beginning of a semester. We encourage those who are interested to check back in August or December. 

Patent Intake Form

Due to the volume of clients, no drop-in help is available. 

Please call us if you have any questions at 503-768-6940.