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Client Enrollment

Please fill out the SBLC Intake Form. This will start the process of coming through one of our three programs. We will respond within three business days for an over-the-phone intake to determine eligibility and discuss the legal matters at issue.


SBLC Intake Form


Formulario de la SBLC


Pro Bono Project and Intern Program clients pay a $25 administrative fee per matter. In addition to the administrative fee, clients who exceed our Pro Bono Project income guidelines but are eligible for Intern Program will be charged additional fees on a sliding scale basis. Start-up businesses are also required to submit a business plan. The Fee for Service Program is charged on an hourly basis. The fees for all three programs will be discussed at the initial client intake, and will be outlined in the client’s Representation Agreement.

Our patent program serves a few clients each semester.   Competition for the few slots is quite competitive. Unfortunately, we have now closed applications for our Fall 2020 patent program. We hope to reopen applications at the end of 2020 or in early 2021. 


Patent Intake Form



Due to the volume of clients, no drop-in help is available. 

Please call us to see if you have any questions at 503-768-6940.