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Criminal Justice Reform Clinic (CJRC)

Under the supervision of Professor Aliza Kaplan, the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic offers an exciting opportunity for students to get hands-on legal experience while representing clients and working on in critical issues in the backend of Oregon’s criminal justice system. 

Criminal Justice Reform Clinic students work on a variety of case work and issues including clemency, parole, access to courts for incarcerated youth, and forensic science in criminal cases.

In addition to direct client casework, students have the opportunity to advance criminal justice reform working with Professor Kaplan and in collaboration with attorneys and organizations such as the Forensic Justice Project, ACLU of Oregon, Disability Rights Oregon and Metropolitan Public Defender on various research and data driven projects and reports, briefs, and legislative initiatives. Clinic students conduct legal/fact research and analysis; write motions, briefs and reports; interview and advise clients; attend and participate in legal and legislative meetings and hearings; and meet and participate in strategy sessions with members of the bar, the judiciary and community leaders. Experienced attorneys, former clients, and allied professionals (e.g., psychologists, legislators, law enforcement, activists) are also brought in as guest lecturers.