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The following are articles, interviews, and publications regarding work in which the clinic, its projects, clinic students, and/or Professor and Clinic Director Aliza Kaplan, are featured. If you are a media outlet looking to connect with Professor Kaplan, you may contact her at

Willamette Week: Why Is Measure 11 Still the Law in Oregon?

Willamette Week: Oregonians Sent a Frightened 17-Year-Old Boy to Prison. My Family Helped.

Portland Tribune: My View: New D.A. is doing exactly what he promised

Street Roots: Oregon should overturn all verdicts delivered by non-unanimous juries

East Oregonian: Thousands of inmates quarantined In Eastern Oregon prison in COVID-19 outbreak

Street Roots: New CenturyLink contract adds communication barriers for Oregon prisoners

Bend Bulletin: Guest column: Attorney General Rosenblum must vacate all non-unanimous verdicts

OPB: Report shows unequal access to juvenile justice in Oregon

The Washington Post: After summer of chaos and confrontation, Portland braces again for more unrest

New York Times: In Portland, a Prosecutor Must Decide: Which Protesters Should Go to Jail?

The Oregonian: Coronavirus precautions in Oregon prisons have unintended consequence for inmates in treatment

LAW 360: After Win, Those Fighting Divided, Verdicts Eye Next Chapter

AP News: US Supreme Court bans nonunanimous jury verdicts in Oregon

OPB: US Supreme Court Ruling Ends Oregon’s Non-unanimous Jury Convictions

The Oregonian: Oregon’s nonunanimous jury system struck down by U.S. Supreme Court; could invalidate 100s of convictions

Statesman Journal: U.S. Supreme Court finds Oregon’s nonunanimous jury verdicts unconstitutional

Willamette Week: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Oregon Can No Longer Convict Without Unanimous Jury Verdicts

Portland Monthly: After 86 Years, Oregon’s Non-Unanimous Jury Convictions Rule Struck Down by the US Supreme Court

Bloomberg Law: Supreme Court Bolsters Unanimous Jury Rule in Louisiana Case

OPB Think Out Loud: Non-Unanimous Juries | Funerals | Adams Interview

The Oregonian, Gov. Kate Brown signals she won’t approve large-scale early release of inmates over coronavirus

OPB: Inmates Brace For Virus Outbreak, While Oregon Considers Early Release

The Oregonian, Opinion: Governor’s coronavirus response should include early release of eligible prisoners

KPTV: Oregon federal court ruling could impact past criminal juvenile sentences

The New York Times: In One State, a Holdout Juror Can’t Block a Conviction. That May Not Last.

The Oregonian, Oregon man sentenced at 16 to consecutive life terms for 2 killings to get release hearing

Portland Tribune, Nonprofit plugs defense lawyers into new science

The Astorian: Few pending cases meet Oregon’s higher bar for death penalty

The New Orleans Advocate: U.S. Supreme Court to take up Louisiana unanimous jury law on opening day of new term

The Appeal: A discriminatory rule even Justice Kavanaugh Opposes

The Oregonian, Opinion: Attorney General Rosenblum is on the wrong side of history

Portland Mercury, Oregon’s Death Penalty Is Almost Nonexistent—So Why Can’t We Get Rid of It?

Bloomberg News, Jury Verdicts in Spotlight on Supreme Court’s Opening Day

The Appeal: He entered prison as a ‘whiskerless kid.’ Will Oregon ever let him out?

 KLCC: Lawsuit Alleges Jail Medical Contractor Cruelly Withheld Meds From Inmate

The Blue Mountain Eagle: Supreme Court ruling on unanimous jury verdicts could throw decades of Oregon convictions into question

Democrat-herald, Editorial: Attorney general offers defense of split verdicts

AP News, Oregon defends past nonunanimous jury verdicts to high court

The Oregonian, Opinion: Oregon’s new death-penalty law is not retroactive. It’s how the law works

The Oregonian, Lawmakers vote to substantially limit Oregon’s death penalty

The Skanner News, ‘Unwanted’ and Under Arrest

The Oregonian, Oregon Supreme Court throws out nearly 67-year sentences for 15-year-old twins who killed elderly couple in Salem

Bustle, What Criminal Justice Reform Looks Like When Black Women’s Needs Are Put First

LAW 360, High Court Could Soon End Split Jury Verdicts for Good  

The Advocate, Louisiana jury case revives long-running Supreme Court debate over reach of Bill of Rights

Reason, The Lingering Stench of Marijuana Prohibition

The Oregonian, Opinion: Governor should help end mass incarceration with clemency power

Bloomberg News, Louisiana Vote for Unanimous Juries May Not Be Last Word

The Skanner News, Legal Clinic Launches for Homeless Youth

The Appeal, After Victory in Louisiana, Oregon is Now the Only State Using Split Juries to Convict People

KGW, Portland: WA Supreme Court strikes down death penalty

NPR, Morning Edition:  Oregon Appeals Court to hear challenge to non-unanimous convictions 

OPB, Think Out Loud: Portland Considers Expunging Renters’ Felony Records

The Oregonian: DA drops case against patient who bit nurse

The Advocate (Louisiana): Oregon eyes own changes to split-verdict law: ‘Do we really want to be like Louisiana?’

US News: How to Gauge the Strength of Law School Clinics

The Oregonian: Gov. Kate Brown pardons former Portland gang member turned mentor

Oregon Public Radio: Advocates Skeptical Of Campaign To Upend Oregon’s Jury Law


Willamette Week:To Scrap Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts, District Attorneys May Want Something In Return

OPB: Oregon DAs To Back Campaign Against Non-Unanimous Juries

Willamette Week: Oregon District Attorneys Accidentally Reveal a Surprisingly Progressive Stance on Unanimous Jury Decisions

The Oregonian: Campaign to repeal Oregon’s unusual non-unanimous jury system begins


U.S. News: Oregon Murder Case Shows Obstacles to DNA Testing

The Oregonian: Case to test Oregon’s unusual jury system still before U.S. Supreme Court

The Oregonian: Justice requires a tougher standard than ‘guilty enough’

Bend Bulletin: U.S. Supreme Court may review non-unanimous jury verdicts

Oregonian: ‘Dirty secret’ of Oregon jury system could go before U.S. Supreme Court

Portland Tribune: Oregon’s non-unanimous jury law under scrutiny

This story has been picked up by several other regional outlets including The East Oregonian, The Blue Mountain Eagle, The Daily Astorian and the Wallowa County Chieftain.

Oregonian: 7 things we learned from the ‘Making a Murderer’ lawyers’ Portland appearance

OPB: Even When Juries Can’t Agree, Convictions Are Still Possible In Oregon

OPB: Study: In Oregon, Death Sentence Quadruples Cost Of Case

Oregonian: How much does the Oregon death penalty cost? New study examines 100s of cases

OPB: Gary Haugen Has A New Execution Date, But Oregon’s Death Penalty Moratorium Remains

OPB: Death Penalty in Oregon

Oregonian: Beyond ‘Making a Murderer’: 10 real-life injustices in Oregon history

Oregonian: 7 things we learned from the ‘Making a Murderer’ lawyers’ Portland appearance

KTVZ News: Special report: OSP crime lab scandal already spurs changes

Chemistry World: Forensic crime lab malpractice surfaces in Oregon

KTVZ News: OSP forensic analyst scandal widens

Bend Bulletin: District attorneys reviewing cases: Crook County DA notifying defense attorneys of OSP forensic probe

Portland Tribune: My View: Changes would improve witness IDs

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