Movement Lawyering

Movement Lawyering - Professor Nick Caleb

  • Course Number: LAW-225
  • Course Type: Foundational
  • Credits: 2
  • Enrollment Limit: Determined by the Registrar
  • Description:  This course will address the theory and practice of public interest and movement law. We will examine various models of public interest and movement lawyering and the ethical issues confronting lawyers in this practice area. Students will be exposed to theories underlying the emerging practice of movement lawyering and skills essential to that practice. This course will also expose students to the logics and strategies utilized by effective campaigns and social movements.

    Students will have the opportunity to draft various documents essential to a public interest practice, both in litigation and non-litigation contexts. Some of the assignments will be completed individually, and some with a partner, as working with partners, movement actors, and coalitions is a central part of “real world” public interest and movement lawyering. Students will also get the opportunity to hear from and network with successful public interest and movement lawyers.

    Creating a space for open and productive class discussion is an important goal of the course. We will sometimes be discussing controversial topics on which there are a variety of opinions. Constructive and respectful disagreement is encouraged. Preparation, attendance, and participation are important.
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Evaluation Method: Short assignments and class participation
  • Capstone: no
  • WIE: no