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Note: Students who have earned credit for ABA Negotiation Moot Court are not eligible to earn credit for this course.

Negotiation - Professor Learon John Bird

  • Course Number: LAW-466
  • Course Type: Foundational and Experiential
  • Credits: 3
  • Enrollment Limit: 18
  • Description: This rigorous three-credit course introduces the theory and practice of negotiation in a workshop setting. We will examine the basic stages of a negotiation; the major tensions at play in negotiation; distributive bargaining, value-creating, and problem-solving techniques; the management of communication and emotional elements in negotiation; power dynamics and ethics; and other topics as time allows. The course is designed to help students develop negotiating skills and a framework for ongoing self-learning through role-playing simulations, discussion, reading assignments, and regular journal and writing exercises.

    Attendance Policy: The course attendance policy is unusually strict, because much of our learning takes place during in-class simulated negotiation role-plays. Attendance for each class meeting is mandatory, as absences frustrate not only your own learning but the learning opportunities of the students you are partnered with in that day’s simulation. If you cannot make the commitment to attend every class session, please cede your place in the course to a waitlisted student who is able to make the necessary commitment (and note that students who fail to maintain regular attendance or preparation may be dropped from the course).
  • Prerequisite: none, however, students who earned credit for ABA Negotiation Moot Court are not eligible to earn credit for this course.
  • Evaluation Method: Attendance & participation, reflection logs, and final writeup
  • Capstone: No
  • WIE: No