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Legal Practicum: Criminal

Limit: 6 students

The internship seminar provides students certifiable under the Oregon Supreme Court’s Student Appearance Rule with hands-on experience either prosecuting or defending criminal  (misdemeanor and traffic) cases in a high-volume, urban jurisdiction. The academic component ensures a well-rounded learning experience. The professors emphasized subjects relevant to trial practice. Students from both the prosecution and defense function meet regularly in seminar sessions to learn about all components of a criminal practice, including professionalism, charge issuing decisions, motion practice, pretrial resolution, negotiations, and litigation techniques.

The appropriate faculty leader directly supervises the internship component. Senior representatives from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office and the Multnomah County Office of the Metropolitan Public Defender’s Office provide the clinical supervision and moderate the seminars.

Applicants for this class are screened through an interview process. To apply, submit a one-page statement on why you wish to take this course, list any relevant background experience that you have, and indicate in which office (defense or prosecution) you wish to intern. Submit applications to the Registrar by the deadline date for registration, the first day of priority registration. Students are notified later in the summer regarding interviews.

Requirements:  10 hours per week clinical; two hour per week seminar; courtroom practice consistent with time limitations and progress of the students; written product of moderate complexity and length. This is a credit/no credit class.

Prerequisite:  Students must qualify for the Oregon Supreme Court Student Appearance Rules, apply and receive professor invitation.

Students shall not be compensated for work performed in connection with an internship placement.