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Law Faculty Resources

Classroom Seating Charts (Photo style) - Use these charts to collect student names for submission to  TIPS for insertion of pictures and/or typing of names.


Photography Request Form - Use this form to request photography services for your event.

TIPS - Common "how to" tips for Microsoft Office applications, Corel Wordperfect and other useful ways to use your software effeciently.

Work Order Form - Use this form to request general assistance from TIPS.

Final Exams: The Registrar's Office page with general instructions and exam schedules.

Exam Processing Form - Use this form to submit exams via email to TIPS for processing and delivery to the Registrar's Office.  You may also download a pdf for completion and delivery to TIPS.

Exam Proctoring Request - Use this form to request a proctor for your Scheduled Exam.  If you have never proctored an exam before take a look at the Proctor Instructions we developed this "how-to" for the faculty assistants.