Coronavirus Information and Update: Fall 2021 Plans

Text and Image Production Services (TIPS)

At the Current time due to COVID-19, we are telecommuting and are not on campus. If you have a project that requires on-campus activities, please contact us and we will accommodate if it is safe to do so. Thanks for your understanding in this difficult time.

Services provided by T.I.P.S.:

Exam Management: exam preparation, copying, packaging, proctoring of law school exams.  Please contact Lisa Frenz, x6663 (, who oversees the exam processing if you have any questions.

Spring 2021 Dates to remember:
As all exams will be paperless. All exam questions will be delivered using ExamSoft’s Examplify.

Note: There will be no Unscheduled Exams available during Reading Period Spring 2021.
March 29: Unscheduled Exams are due in our office.
Scheduled Exams: Please have your exam in to our office at least two weeks before your exam.

Exams should be submitted to Andy and Lisa as Word or WordPerfect files.

ExamSoft and Character Count:
We use ExamSoft to electronically collect the students’ responses, both essay and multiple choice. Usually, exam questions are delivered to the students on paper and they put their answers in the electronic template provided.

Here are videos geared specifically to students:

In Examplify, the ExamSoft program student’s use to take an exam, “character count” is what appears to the student as he/she types the exam. Page or Line counts cannot be determined by the student. For information on converting page or line counts to character counts please see  Character Count Guidelines.

Exam Processing Form  Use this form to submit exams via email to TIPS for processing and delivery to the Registrar’s Office.  This is different from the Registrar’s Authorized Materials Form.

Manuscript Production and Editing: type, format, edit faculty articles, books, supplement.

Legal Document Production: production of pleadings, briefs, Westlaw and Lexis article downloads/clean-ups, etc.

Course Material Production: creation of pictorial seating charts, document scanning & clean up, course material packets.

Database Management: maintain your database and processing of large mail and other merges; maintenance of US Law School Deans database and Law School Adjuncts Database.

Design Assistance: preparation of in-house brochures, posters and fliers, tent cards, name badges, etc.

Photography Assistance: photograph and record your planned events, touch-up, scan, size your digital graphics and photos.

Photography Request Form - Use this form to request photography services for your event.

Application help with Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect Office suites. Feel free to call us.

Useful links:

Classroom Seating Charts (Photo style) - Use these charts to collect student names for submission to  TIPS for insertion of pictures and/or typing of names.

TIPS - Common “how to” tips for Microsoft Office applications, Corel Wordperfect and other useful ways to use your software efficiently.

Work Order Form - Use this form to request general assistance from TIPS.

Final Exams: The Registrar’s Office page with general instructions and exam schedules.

Located in:
Legal Research Center
2nd Floor, Room 231
Law School Campus

Andy Marion, T.I.P.S.
M-F 10:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Lisa Frenz, T.I.P.S.
M-F 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Rita Martinez, Director, Faculty Services — Supervisor