Computing Services

Congrats, new admit, on your admission to the Law School - I look forward to meeting you!

I’m Bruce Williamson and my job title is “Director of Computing Services.” I’ve worked for the Law School since the fall of 2000, first as a Network Engineer and now as manager of the Computing Services department. I love my job - it’s a pleasure working here with great colleagues, great students and a great computer network stocked with current technology equipment. I love that the Law School remains committed to and has the vision to continue to invest appropriately in technology. Outside the office, my interests include cycling, hiking, running, camping, skiing, cruising on my motorcycle and other outdoor activities in this fabulous area. Right now however, it’s all about getting up on Mt. Hood for some downhill skiing. I’m also a lifelong musician and play bass in a couple of local blues/rock bands.

Our department has four team members including myself that provide support for the law school. The lab manager and her staff of 6-8 student lab assistants provide support for the students. This includes installing free anti-virus software on student laptop computers, assistance in getting student computers on our network and lab printers, and helping to analyze and fix minor issues students may have with their computers. The rest of the computing services team spend their time supporting staff, faculty and performing other network infrastructure tasks but we’re available to assist you as needed.

You’ll need to have a reliable and updated laptop computer for law school. I believe you’ll find that it’s an essential tool for law school. If you can invest in a new laptop computer, it would be money very well spent. It’s fine if you don’t have a brand new laptop, but bring a decent, fairly current and updated MS Windows laptop, with Vista or Windows 7 for use on our network. Or bring a MacBook updated with OS X, Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard.

You’ll like our computer lab: fifteen computers are available for your use, from early morning until late at night. The lab is stocked with newer Dell desktop PCs with 24” flat panel displays, as well as several newer 21.5” iMacs. We also have an extensive wireless network that provides coverage for the entire campus so you can stay connected as much as you like.

So again, welcome to the Law School. What questions do you have for me?