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Approximately 30 students join the staff of Environmental Law each year. Any law student with at least a 2.3 GPA who is entering their 2L or 3L Day or Evening academic year is welcome to join our staff. This includes students transferring from other law schools. All new members are required to attend a mandatory orientation that will take place in late August.

There are two different ways to join Environmental Law—the “grade-on” and the “write-on.” Participation in the writing competition is highly recommended for those students that are interested in joining Environmental Law, as students must participate in the write-on competition to be considered for Ninth Circuit review (see below). Additionally, there is no guarantee that students will receive their grade-on invitation prior to the write-on competition’s deadline.

For the “grade-on” process, after the Registrar issues rankings, which usually occurs sometime in mid-Summer, Environmental Law will send a letter to students with GPAs in the top 10-20% via U.S. Post, offering them a position on our law review. The exact percentage of students that will receive offers based on their class rank will range from year to year, depending on our staffing needs and the size of the eligible class.

The other way to join Environmental Law is through the “write-on,” which is a writing competition held at the end of the spring semester. Outside of the Registrar’s confirmation that competition participants meet the 2.3 GPA minimum requirement, the applicant’s GPA is not considered in this writing competition. A significant number of new members are selected through the write-on competition each year. For detailed instructions about participating in the writing competition, please click here.  Please note that the writing competition submissions are due before the Registrar will issue rankings, so if you are interested in joining Environmental Law, you may want to participate in the write-on unless you are absolutely sure you will be able to join through the grade-on. Winners of the write-on competition are typically announced in early August via U.S. Post.

Unique to the three law reviews at Lewis and Clark, Environmental Law publishes summaries of all the environmental law cases that are decided by the Ninth Circuit. These summaries are written by a select group of five Environmental Law members, who are chosen from the submissions to the write-on competition. To be considered for the Ninth Circuit review, students must participate in the write-on competition. Additionally, Ninth Circuit review members write a paper related to a recent Ninth Circuit case during their first year on law review; from these four to five papers, two papers are selected for publication in the summer issue. Ninth Circuit review provides a tremendous writing and editorial experience, and provides the opportunity to be published.

Environmental Law Review

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