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Joyce Ann Harpole Scholarship recipient Reza Alavi ’15, the Hon. Rick Haselton, and Harpole Att...Joyce Ann Harpole Scholarship recipient Reza Alavi ’15, the Hon. Rick Haselton, and Harpole Attorney Award recipient Racheal Baker

April 7, 2014

Keeping life sane and stable is a challenge for anyone, but for law students and attorneys, it can seem nearly impossible. Add in healthy doses of family, friends, and community involvement and you’ve got a serious balancing act on your hands. Joyce Ann Harpole ’79 was the rare person who pulled it off, admirably maintaining both a sense of professionalism and a delight for life. Her friends, family, and classmates annually honor her spirit and achievements by presenting a scholarship and an award in her name.

The 16th annual Joyce Ann Harpole Scholarship was awarded to Reza Alavi ’15. Alavi’s friends nominated him for this honor for reaching out to classmates who are struggling with classes or other parts of their lives, for his strong academic and leadership skills, and for always prioritizing his time with his daughter, Tara, age 8. Between classes, Alavi is often seen checking in by phone with Tara, who he says is “the most precious thing on earth to him.” Alavi is involved in several student groups, served as a teaching assistant, and is active in the local Iranian-American community.

This year’s Harpole Attorney Award was presented to Racheal Baker. Baker is passionate about her work at the Bend office of Legal Aid Services of Oregon, but is also “one of those people who knows how to take care of her life,” according to the coworker who nominated her. Baker and her husband have two young children, but between family, exercise, and work, she still find time to chair the Homeless Leadership Coalition in Bend. She is involved in Housing Works and gives presentations to tenant groups about their rights. Baker also mentors children of incarcerated parents. One of her most enthusiastic supporters is her father, the Honorable James Egan of the Oregon Court of Appeals.

The Honorable Rick Haselton was the award event’s keynote speaker. In addition to praising the achievements of this year’s honorees, he offered a touching remembrance of Joyce Ann Harpole and her lasting legacy of integrity and kindness.

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