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Joyce Ann Harpole Awards


Joyce Ann Harpole ’79 exemplified professionalism, a delight for life, and the balance between her legal career, family, friends, and community. Each year, her life is celebrated with the Harpole Reception and Awards. 

2021 scholarship winner Akriti Bhargava ’22

In celebration of the life of Joyce Ann Harpole, the Harpole Attorney Award recognizes lawyers who work quietly in pursuit of justice while maintaining a sense of balance between their legal career and their personal life that distinguishes them within the legal community.   

Attorneys are invited each fall to nominate a colleague who reflects these traits by meeting the following criteria:

  • Delight for life, with a clearly lived balance between career, family, and community;
  • Well-prepared, vigorous advocacy, with commitment to fairness and just results;
  • Positive community involvement;
  • Diligence in all aspects of life;
  • Overall personal and professional integrity; and
  • Membership in the Oregon State Bar

Nominees and nominators need not be Lewis & Clark Law School Alumni. 

Please be sure to answer each question completely and specifically, providing examples if appropriate.  You must provide contact information for the three references given. Incomplete applications may not be considered. 
If you prefer, you may submit your nomination in a letter to the selection committee. Your letter should specifically address each of the items requested in this form. Please draft your letter with headings, to indicate the question below and your response to that question.  Letters may be submitted by email to

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