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Harpole Attorney Award

In celebration of the life of Joyce Ann Harpole, the Harpole Attorney Award recognizes lawyers who work quietly in pursuit of justice while maintaining a sense of balance between their legal career and their personal life that distinguishes them within the legal community.   

Attorneys are invited each fall to nominate a colleague who reflects these traits by meeting the following criteria:

  • Delight for life, with a clearly lived balance between career, family, and community;
  • Well-prepared, vigorous advocacy, with commitment to fairness and just results;
  • Positive community involvement;
  • Diligence in all aspects of life;
  • Overall personal and professional integrity; and
  • Membership in the Oregon State Bar

Nominations should be thorough and complete. Poorly written submissions will not pass the initial screening.  Nominees need not be Lewis & Clark Law School Alumni.

The submission period for this form has now ended.