Environmental Law - Law School - Lewis & Clark

Each year, the Environmental Alumni Association chooses one outstanding recent public interest environmental law graduate for the Williamson Award.  EAA annually funds the award, which provides  $1,000 for the new graduate to assist his or her pursuit of a public interest career.  The award is presented by the environmental faculty at the Distinguished Environmental Visitor lecture.

Past Williamson Award Winners

Maddy Munson, 2021

Hannah Clements, 2020

Sangye Ince-Johannsen, 2019

Rachel Briggs, 2018

Tyler Lobdell 2017

Emma Bruden 2016

Jonah L. Sandford 2015

JJ England 2014

Liv Brumfield 2013

Marla Nelson 2012

Amy Van Saun 2011

Ben Luckett 2010

Kristen Monsell 2009

Liz Crosson 2008

Jamie Saul 2007

Aubrey Baldwin 2006

Kristin Ruether 2005

Erin Madden 2004

Sean Phelan 2003

Tanya Sanerib 2002