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Law Students Have Know-How, Will Travel!

March 24, 2015

  • Left to Right: Juliann Peebles, Isabella Fernandez, Leland Baxter-Neal, and Rodrigo Juarez.
    Andy Marion

Lewis & Clark law students will travel to a family detention facility in Dilley, TX, operated by the private prison company, Corrections Corporation of America. The facility will hold up to 2,400 women and children, and is the largest family immigration detention center ever built. Stephen Manning, a Lewis & Clark graduate and adjunct professor, will supervise the students in Dilley, all of whom are current or past students of the Transformative Immigration Law Seminar. Manning co-led the national pro bono effort that precipitated the closing of a similar facility in Artesia, New Mexico. The students will prepare the mothers and children for their bond hearings and asylum cases.

You can read the full story of the fight against family detention and the stories of the families held in Artesia and now at the Karnes detention center near Dilley in this Times Magazine story.

For more details, please contact Professors Juliet Stumpf or Stephen Manning at the Immigrant Law Group.