October 31, 2016

Media outlets turn to L&C law professors to explain events of Oregon militia standoff trial

Media Outlets Turn to Professors Tung Yin and Mike Blumm to Help Explain Events of Oregon Militia Standoff Trial

Professors Tung Yin, Mike Blumm, and Susan Mandiberg have been very busy the past few weeks as several media outlets have turned to them to explain the case against the seven members of an armed militia that occupied the Malheur County Wildlife Refuge in rural Oregon in January. The defendants, who occupied the land for 41 days before being arrested, were facing weapons charges and conspiracy to intimidate federal workers. In a stunning and unexpected outcome, a jury acquitted all defendants, leaving many people shocked and questioning what went wrong for the prosecution.

Professor Yin, who admittedly felt the prosecution had a “slam dunk” case, speaks with several reporters to try to flush out the reasons the jury acquitted and what that might look like for upcoming related trials, including those of Aamon and Ryan Bundy, the brothers who led the occupation. Professor Blumm says there is “no basis” for the group’s constitutional arguments about public lands, and that there’s a concern the result of the trial will fuel a political movement.

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