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Summit Wood Creations - Client Profile

July 31, 2017

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Summit Wood Creations is a local small business specializing in hand-crafted custom wood furniture. The owner, Reyna Badillo, started building custom furniture largely because of her childhood experiences seated at a handmade dresser. Gifted to her by her grandmother, the dresser holds a lot of sentimental value and has been in her family for four generations. When Reyna realized that she can create the furniture through which clients’ own special memories might be made, she discovered her passion. She turned this passion into a business back in 2001. While the business previously focused on residential custom furniture, they have expanded into custom furniture in the commercial arena.


In any conversation about her business, it is quickly apparent that Ms. Badillo is doing what she loves. Her work is more than furniture, it is functional art. The use of local wood like walnut and maple makes each piece feel at home in the Northwest.  In the future, she hopes to expand the line to 10 key pieces that can be promoted online for customers outside of Oregon.


Ms. Badillo understood that proper legal documents are part of the necessary foundation for a small business and sought out the Small Business Legal Clinic when she was restarting her furniture business. The business first came through the SBLC in 2014 for help with two contracts. Since then, they’ve received legal support for lease review, creation of a vendor agreement, and most recently assistance drafting employment agreements and handbooks.