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SBLC creates Affordable Housing around Oregon

April 10, 2018

The lack of affordable housing has created significant problems throughout the state. The SBLC is proud to be part of the process to bring more affordable housing to communities in Oregon.

SBLC Staff Attorney, Brian Dasso spends about 40% of his time working with affordable housing nonprofits that create new affordable housing around the state.

Last year was a particularly active year for affordable housing. Brian worked closely with Community and Shelter Assistance Corp (“CASA”), an Oregon nonprofit developer of affordable housing, to provide legal support in the conversion of four (4) manufactured dwelling parks to resident-owned cooperatives.

Brian worked with the residents of these communities to create governing documents and navigate the eventual purchase of their parks. As a result, four mobile home parks, representing nearly 250 units of affordable housing, were preserved for years to come.

The newly formed resident-owned cooperatives typically need substantial ongoing legal support during their first few years. Brian currently represents ten resident-owned manufactured dwelling cooperatives in Oregon, advising them on various issues involving cooperative law, landlord/tenant law and regulatory compliance.

Brian also works closely with the cooperative boards in establishing rules, policies and best practices to ensure these cooperatives are built on a strong foundation.

Through its work with affordable housing nonprofits, the SBLC is pleased to play a part not only in helping low-income families with business ventures, but also to help secure a safe place to live.