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Small Business Legal Clinic

Interview with Volunteer Attorney Ioana Lavric

November 16, 2018

  • Ioana has volunteered for the last 6 months giving countless hours to the SBLC. 
1. Why did you decide to volunteer with the SBLC?
Just about every Portland-based lawyer I know highly recommends volunteering with the SBLC. Lawyers who volunteer with the SBLC talk about the creative and ambitious clients, the talented staff members, and the engaging matters they handle. After six months of volunteering with the SBLC, I am happy to confirm that this praise is well deserved.
2. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced while volunteering?
Through the SBLC, I explored several practice areas in which I previously had little to no hands-on experience. Bridging the gap between the abstract, general knowledge of law that I gained throughout law school and the day-to-day, meticulous practice of law can be challenging. However, I persevered thanks to the support of SBLC staff members and other SBLC-affiliated attorneys.
3. What have you enjoyed the most about your volunteer experience?
Getting to know entrepreneurs from various industries, of diverse cultural backgrounds, and with different levels of business expertise has been phenomenal. Most of my clients were startups, while others were established businesses. It’s been a pleasure to represent both. I loved participating in the dynamic growth of new businesses, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the particulars of various industries from experienced business owners.
4. What are your future goals?
Regardless of what obstacles and triumphs the future has in store for me, I will continue volunteering. My time with the SBLC has only emphasized the profound importance that volunteering holds in my life, and for society.