Where Are They Now?

What happened to the students who earned PILP summer stipends? What about those who received named scholarships? Who followed a different path and didn’t end up as a practicing attorney? What did they do? How did they fare? Where’s my favorite professor these days? Read on.

Credit: Illustration by Bea Crespo

Where Are They Now?

  • The Lasting Legacy of Scholarships

    Paul Casey, a longtime supporter of Lewis &  Clark Law School, has made it possible for dozens of students to attend law school.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Friends: Where Are They Now?
    Remember that professor or staff member who was so helpful to you in a moment of need? Or perhaps, someone who pushed you farther than you thought possible? We’ve used the fabulous caricatures by Professor Emeritus Ron Lansing to help your search.
  • Public Interest Law Project at 30
    January 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Lewis  &  Clark Law School’s Public Interest Law Project (PILP), a student-run organization that rewards and promotes the service of developing public interest attorneys.
  • The Winding Vines of Post-Grad Life
    While a majority of Lewis & Clark Law School graduates become practicing attorneys, some notable alumni have used the rigorous skills they gained in law school to branch off in other directions. These six alumni remind us that the Lewis & Clark community includes people of many different callings.