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  • Jennifer Johnson and Bruno
    Nina Johnson

Dear alumni and friends,

As I travel around the country, I am frequently asked about our faculty and about other alums. “Where are they now?” “What are they doing?”

In this issue of the Advocate, we have gathered some information for your inquiring minds.

In particular, these stories illustrate the power of connection—to fellow alumni, to faculty and to the law school. We hope these pages bring back fond memories and inspire you to reconnect with those who inspired you. Remember, our alumni office stands ready to help.

We also are pleased to share our latest news—establishing a new Center for Business Law and Innovation, celebrating 50 years of environmental law, welcoming new faculty, and adding a new clinic (one of the first of its kind in the nation)!

Joining our returning students, we welcome an enthusiastic new class of 1Ls—their very first day at the law school is captured in the opening photo spread. Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson addressed the group, sharing her own story of her law career and offering some words of advice to our newest law professionals: “No one is born into the law. Keep at it, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and keep moving. You are becoming defenders of our constitution.”

I would simply add to those words of wisdom these two words: keep engaged! We want to hear from you, learn what you are doing these days, and find out what interests you – especially regarding the law school.

And, if at all possible, we want to see you. This year I hope you’ll make plans to attend a lecture, come to an alumni reception, or visit our beautiful campus. We look forward to seeing you!

Warmest regards,

Jennifer Johnson
Dean and Erksine Wood Sr. Professor of Law

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