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22nd Annual Harpole Award and Scholarship Winners Announced

July 13, 2020

  • 2020 Joyce Ann Harpole Scholarship Recipient: Natalie Hollabaugh.
    Nina Johnson
  • 2020 Joyce Ann Harpole Attorney Award Winner: Luis Garcia

The 2020 Harpole Awards were recently announced: Law student Natalie Hollabaugh received the 2020 Harpole Memorial Scholarship, and attorney Luis Garcia received the Harpole Attorney Award.

The Joyce Ann Harpole Attorney Award and Memorial Scholarship recognizes lawyers and students who have been nominated by their peers for working quietly in pursuit of justice while maintaining a sense of balance between their legal or academic career and their personal life. Joyce Ann Harpole ’79, exemplified professionalism with her delight for life and the balance she achieved between her legal career, family, friends, and community.

Emily Fox ’21 nominated Natalie Hollabaugh ’21 for the Memorial Scholarship. “Even at her busiest, Natalie will make time for fellow students,” Fox stated. “Every time I ask Natalie for help with something, be it looking over a paper, my confusion on a class subject, or for a personal issue, her answer is “of course!” For Natalie, law school is not about competition or her individual success; it is about bringing each other up and succeeding together. She has a husband and a dog named Mars as well, and manages to make time for them on top of everything else. I used to wonder how she did all of this with her sanity intact, but have now realized that it is because of her passion for contributing to society and love of life.”

Corina Ubario nominated Luis Garcia for the Harpole Attorney Award. “Luis represents and advocates for immigrants in Immigration Court, in the detention centers, those who have been victims of crimes, and helps immigrants with their green card applications and naturalizations,” Ubario stated. “He will volunteer his time to the community on weekends, but sets time aside for family and makes spending time with them each week a priority. Most nights he is home to put his one-year-old son to bed.”

The recipients embody the qualities that Harpole cherished and make her inspiring memory live on.

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