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Criminal Justice Reform Clinic (CJRC)

Alison Kavanagh

In Fall 2018 I worked with the ACLU of Oregon, representing a woman who had been incarcerated at the Douglas County Jail. Our client alleged several violations of her EighthAmendment rights. I was personally able to assist with depositions and dispositive motions. ACLU has since settled claims with the county, and the litigation against private corrections healthcare contractor Correct Care is still pending.

In Spring 2019, I wrote a Petition for Clemency to Governor Kate Brown on behalf of a young woman incarcerated at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Over 10 years ago, our client received a sentence that was more than double what similarly-situated defendants in her county faced for similar crimes, making her an excellent candidate for clemency in my opinion. The governor has not yet made a decision on our petition.

This is some of the most meaningful, important work that I have ever been involved in. I’m grateful to Professor Kaplan, Venetia Mayhew, the ACLU of Oregon and our clients for this opportunity.

I’ve been hired as Oregon Court of Appeals Judge Scott Shorr’s clerk beginning in July 2020. I hope to work as a public defender after my clerkship.