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Criminal Justice Reform Clinic (CJRC)

Anjana Kumar

I work with the Youth Legal Clinic, a division of the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic. We provide legal services all over the state of Oregon for youth incarcerated in Oregon state prisons. This includes meeting individually with youth, presenting to groups of youth about their legal right to access courts and challenge their conviction post-incarceration, helping them to better understand what occurred in their criminal case, and any civil legal issues that result from their conviction and/or incarceration.

The work I have done while at CJRC solidified my decision to attend law school. Doing this work is why I went to law school; but I questioned this decision until my 3L year, when I began working with the Clinic.

After law school, I will continue working with the Clinic, managing the Youth Legal Clinic and providing legal services for incarcerated youth.