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Welcome to the Law School

Computing Services is responsible for the computing & media needs, including classroom technology for the law school staff, faculty and students while on the law school campus and at several of our downtown legal clinics.  

Email Accounts

If you haven’t already set up your email account, please do the following ASAP:  Go to Setup Email Account here. If you already set up your email account but forgot your email password, you may reset it at the following link: Password Management Link

LC email accounts utilize the college’s Gmail system. You may access your email via the standard way, or you may access it via LC’s Google apps web portal at  When logging in, use your full email address in the username field, e.g. (Other Google apps, e.g. Google calendar and Google docs, are available for you as well.)

To set up forwarding on your email, login to your gmail account, then click on the “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select “Settings,” then “forwarding” and fill in the appropriate information.


Lab Student Computer Help Desk & Lab Computers

Located in Wood Hall is a lab for student use.  It contains 15 desktops, both Macintosh and Windows. There are 3 “student only” printers located on the law school campus.  Also located in the lab is the Student Computer Help Desk.  Student lab assistants who are scheduled throughout the day, evening and weekend to help students with laptop set up for law school.  

Students: much of the information you need can be found on this page or the side bar “For Students” link.  Feel free to contact us if you need additional help by using the following options: Stop by the Help Desk located in the Wood Hall Computer Lab or Call the Student Computer Help Hotline: (503) 768-6777 or email:



Printing on the Lab/Student Printers with PCOUNTER

In the interest of sustainability and conservation of resources, students are permitted 1000 free printed pages per calendar year. If you exceed your 1,000 free page limit during the year your account will be charged five cents for each additional sheet you print and the overage will be billed to your account in May for graduating students or August for returning students. Also, if you don’t use up your 1,000 free page quota for the year, the leftover balance does not ‘roll over’ to the next year if you’re a returning student.

Printing is controlled by “Pcounter,” a server application that tracks individual student printing use.  After a lab assistant helps you install the 3 student printers you are now ready to print at the law school.  The printers are located in the Student Computer Lab, the Boley stacks, and the Wood Hall 1st floor student study area.

Want to print your document?

1. Click: File > Print > Select the printer that you want to print to (i.e. Boley, Lab, Wood Hall)

2. Click: Print

3. Open your web browser

4. Go to: http://lawprint/pcounter  (bookmark this website in your browser toolbar)

5. Mark the check box next to the documents you want to print

6. Enter your username and password (the same one you use to log on to the internet)

7. Click print and go pick up your document … HOORAY!

If your document does not print ask the student lab assistant to release your print job; if the document doesn’t print, you haven’t been charged yet.  To check your balance visit http://lawprint/balance/


Other Information
  1. Students who receive federal financial aid may request that the purchase price of a new computer be added to their Cost of Attendance once during their program at L&C. This adjustment must be requested during the same academic year that the computer is purchased and an itemized, dated receipt is required for documentation. The maximum adjustment is $2,500. In most cases this adjustment will increase Grad PLUS Loan eligibility. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 503-768-7090 or
  1. The Law School does not support Windows2000 (or earlier os’s) and we provide limit Windows XP support due to Microsoft no longer releasing updates. We also don’t support Linux.  If you own a computer with one of these operating systems, we recommend updating your laptop to Windows 7 or 8.
  2. The law school utilizes ExamSoft exam software for taking exams on your laptop. You’ll receive much more detailed instructions soon on how this system will work and how to get the application, SofTest, installed and working on your laptop.
  3. If you don’t do so already, devise a strategy to regularly back up your laptop docs. We recommend Dropbox or other popular online storage solutions.
  4. WedAdvisor issues must go through the Registrar’s Office.
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