Setting Up

This is for groups who don’t have a website on Lewis & Clark’s Law School pages. If your group already has a website, move along. Nothing to see here.

Where to start?

So your group has decided to have a web presence here at Lewis & Clark Law School but you don’t know where to go.

When first starting out, contact the Law School’s Web Developer to go over your basic web needs. We recommend you do this in person during office hours but you can also communicate via e-mail or phone.

Together you will work on basic settings, like

  • an appropriate URL
  • the members of your group who will have access
  • editing privileges each individual will have
  • what links will populate the side navigation
  • contact, location and phone numbers

How long before you can start editing your website?

The normal turnaround time is seven working days for setting up a new space however depending upon need, scheduling and preparedness the due date can move to fit the needs of the group.

For everything from questions to emergencies, refer to the Getting Support page.

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