International Law Society


The International Law Society at Lewis and Clark is a chapter of the International Law Students Association.

The mission of the International Law Students Association

is to educate students about international law, international institutions, and comparative legal systems. ILS provides opportunities for law students and lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and international cooperation. ILS also connects students with international opportunities and with other internationally-minded students and lawyers.
Each year, ILS hosts a wide range of events. In recent years, we have heard from ambassadors, the director of the Green Energy Institute, and an international family law expert. ILS has hosted screenings of films of international import and hosted happy hours with local international business attorneys. Examples of past discussions have covered the legal implications of U.S. Military Intervention in Syria and International Human Trafficking. If you are in any way internationally minded, come to one of our events or send us an email.