Law School Democrats

Mission Statement

donkey Driven by a commitment to progressive values, LCLS Democrats focuses on fostering relationships between Democratic law students, attorneys, party leaders, and elected officials, and to ensure that the political process remains open, fair, and accessible for all Americans. To that end, LCLS Democrats aims to increase political awareness among students and plug them into community opportunities that help advance core Democratic values. Furthermore, by encouraging students to take an active role off-campus, our organization hopes to help elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government. Finally, the organization wants to stimulate discussion of current issues and increase voter performance among our student body.

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Recent Events

* Forum on the Oregon and U.S. economy featuring Art Ayre from the Oregon Employment Department, American University Professor Robin Hahnel, and author Jim Oleske

*Canvass for fellow law student, Nick Kahl, Oregon Legislative Representative, HD-49.

Nick Kahl has lived in East County all his life. Nick has seen the best of East County – how hard work and strong family values have made this a place we can all be proud of. Read more about Nick at

*Obamarama at the Cleaners, Ace Hotel.

LCLS Dems raised more than two thousand dollars from students, alumni, and friends.

*Forum on Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Ballot Measures
To highlight the differences between these measures, the LSCS Democrats brought in speakers with practical and theoretical perspectives on the upcoming ballot measures.

John Foote – Clackamas Co. DA
Jennifer Keenan – A Better Way to Fight Crime Coalition
Kevin Neely – Former DOJ Attorney
Amy T. Elakanich – Criminal Defense Attorney

2008-2009 LCLS Democrats Officers

Travis Miller, President

Jason Wax, Treasurer

Meredith Youngheim, Events and Campaign Coordinator

Rachel Hytken, Secretary

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