Legally Fat

Gray Circular logo with crimson and pink stylized font reading Legally Fat: Law Students for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance    

     Law Students for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance

Legally Fat is a student organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of fat law students and advancing fat acceptance. We aim to foster a safe and supportive community for those who experience societal, educational and professional barriers due to their size, and provide resources to help minimize those barriers. Through an intersectional approach to education and advocacy, Legally Fat trains future lawyers to recognize the origin of anti-fatness as anti-blackness, to identify the harms intrinsic to the legal discrimination of fat people, and to dismantle interconnected systems of oppression in their personal and professional lives.

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Our Executive Board

President ~ Sydney Klupar (she/her)

Vice President ~ Audre Sylvester (she/they)

Treasurer ~ Rianka Macwan (she/her)

Student Group Liaison ~ David Brown (he/him)