Yearly Agenda

Legal Observer Program

The Legal Observer Program is part of a comprehensive system of legal support by our Mass Defense Committee designed to enable people to express their political views as fully as possible without unconstitutional disruption or interference by the police and with the fewest possible consequences from the criminal justice system. The L&C Chapter holds various Legal Observer Trainings throughout the year.


The purpose of Disorientation is to provoke you to challenge traditional notions of how one must practice law and to suggest ways to make your three years of study more enriching and challenging. The National Lawyers Guild strongly recommends that you begin your work as a “people’s lawyer” while in law school. Each year, the L&C Chapter hosts a week of events and panels for law students surrounding this topic. 

Why Race Matters Week

This is an annual set of events intended to spur honest conversation and reflection about the enduring relevance of race and systemic racism in the law and society, and in our daily lives. Our chapter will be organizing panels, speakers, and other events to bring awareness to our community.

Week Against Mass Incarceration

NLG adopted a resolution calling for “the dismantling and abolition of all prisons and of all aspects of systems and institutions that support, condone, create, fill, or protect prisons” in 2015. The L&C Chapter will be organizing events and actions on mass incarceration, highlighting the connections between the role of policing institutions and practices and the exponential increase of incarcerated people over the last four decades.