National Lawyers Guild - Law School - Lewis & Clark


Have you ever asked yourself, “Where are all the progressive legal people?” Look no further. The Guild is the nation’s largest, and oldest, progressive legal organization. If you believe that legal practitioners must be part of organizing for social change, if you believe that change can happen not only in the courtroom but also in the streets, then join the Guild! When you do, you will be part of over 4,000 like-minded legal practitioners organizing and strategize about improving our society through the law.

As a member you will receive a subscription to our quarterly news magazine “Guild Notes,” our quarterly legal journal “Guild Practitioner,” our annual Referral Directory, and discounts to our annual convention and national publications. You’ll gain access to the nation’s leading legal resources, such as NLG-Interact, our national listserv, a Mass Defense legal brief bank, a wide range of multi-topic committees, and a network of highly respected lawyers and legal workers in the country. Perhaps you will join one of our international delegations or help write one of our amicus briefs.

Don’t just join for the privileges and opportunities. Join us because we have over 65 years of experience fighting for social change. With you on board, we’ll both be that much stronger and that much more effective.

Membership in the National Lawyers Guild is open to attorneys, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse workers. Go to to sign up!


Students can also get involved in the Portland NLG Chapter. The Lewis & Clark Chapter of NLG works closely with the Portland Chapter on a variety of projects.