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Mission and Bylaws


Our internal mission is to educate our members on career paths and help them in their pursuit. During these unsure times for law graduates looking to start their careers, a J.D. is simply not enough to guarantee a meaningful career. SABER works to develop strategies to leverage our institutional and combined individual strengths so that you can hone our personal career interests and to pinpoint the steps necessary to pursue them. We believe SABER can bolster our Lewis & Clark Law Graduate marketability by combining our environmental and natural resource law expertise with business-minded approaches to these issues.

While cooperatively working to serve the interest of our individual members, the external mission of SABER is to promote incentive-driven strategies to environmental and economic well-being. When it comes to progress, SABER believes in the carrot, not the stick. We recognize that for economic actors, from consumer to corporation, there needs to be some motivating incentive for them to contribute to the overall goal of a sustainable economy. Therefore SABER is a nonpartisan group open to all perspectives in working toward progress in sustainability. Examples range from responsible oil and mineral extraction to green tech innovation and trade to minimum impact real estate development to locally-sourced construction operations. SABER strives to promote new solutions to the old problems, while working with the “traditional” industrial polluters to pick up the slack where they can.There is no question we are moving forward toward a greener economy, it does not matter if you are on the front of that train or at the caboose as long as we are moving forward.


Section 1.01 - Student Groups

(a)      Law student-related organizations, clubs, and social or recreational groups shall be considered student groups for purposes of this Article. Any student group seeking SBA funds from the SBA must meet each of the following criteria:

                (i)     The student group is recognized by the SBA, as set out in Article VI §6.05;

              (ii)      Student group membership is open to all law students, and to non-law-students who contribute to the achievement of the group’s stated goals and objectives;

            (iii)     The student group leaders are to be selected by the law student body or other voting members of the individual student group;

            (iv)     Any law student member of the student group may run for office. Non-law-students, such as attorneys or other appropriate professionals, may be members of the board of directors or other executive body of the organization for a student group with legal concerns or goals for whom participation in the legal process is essential to the achievement of the student group’s goals;

              (v)     The student group’s policies are formulated and implemented by the student group’s members or a board of directors elected by the student group;

            (vi)     The disbursement of funds received by the student group, from the SBA, is determined by the student group’s law student members or a board of directors elected by the student group;

          (vii)     The student group shall not use funds for personal gain of any Lewis & Clark students, meaning law, graduate or undergraduate students, or for reimbursement of salary except as a supervised position consistent with the group’s stated goals and objectives; and

        (viii)     The student group fully complies with the nondiscriminatory policies of Lewis & Clark Law School.