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Jocelyn Phares, 3L, SIEL President

   Jocelyn Phares, 3L, President  (She/Her)

 Jocelyn Phares is a 3L at Lewis and Clark Law school. Jocelyn graduated   from West Virginia University in 2016, with a BA in international studies   and  a minor in global environmental change. After her 1L year, Jocelyn   worked with the World Wildlife Fund in Wellington, New Zealand. During   her 2L year, Jocelyn worked as a student intern for the Earthrise Clinic.   Most recently, Jocelyn worked as a research assistant for Professor Erica   Lyman and as a summer clerk for the Global Law Alliance Clinic. In her   free time Jocelyn enjoys traveling, surfing,   skiing, and playing with her   puppy Finn.




.. James Wade, 3L, Vice-President & Secretary 

James Wade is a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School. James graduated from Colorado College in 2012 with a BA in biology. During his 2L year, James participated in the International Environmental Law Project, now called the International Animal and Environmental Law Clinic. James spent the past summer working as a research assistant for Professor Erica Lyman, researching the conservation status of and exploitation of species and drafting proposals for species’ conservation measures. In his free time James enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking.