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Students for International Environmental Law (SIEL)


Bridget BuckleyBridget Buckley is a 3L serving as the president of SIEL. Bridget’s interests in international environmental law are in international law and policy with particular focus on illegal wildlife trade and deforestation. Prior to coming to law school, Bridget worked as a volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center caring for injured, orphaned or sick wild animals and releasing them back to the wild—this was where she found her love for wildlife. During law school, she has worked on several international environmental issues: writing a guide for prosecuting wildlife crime in Angola, researching and analyzing wildlife trade and compliance issues under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES), and attending CITES’ 18th Conference of Parties in Geneva, Switzerland to lobby for the protection of endangered and threatened species affected by international trade. She enjoys traveling abroad, eating waffles, hiking and camping with her goofy dog, Mia. 


Lizzy PennockLizzy Pennock is a 2L serving as the vice president of SIEL. She has a degree in marine science from the University of Hawai`i and came to law school to focus on environmental and ocean-related law. Her love for traveling and seeing the world inspired her to explore international environmental law and policy, and she is particularly focused on the merging of science and policy and how that sets the framework for international climate action. In addition to traveling, Lizzy loves to spend time outside, go to the beach as often as possible, and explore the Pacific Northwest.



Amy YoungmanAmy Youngman is a 3L and serving as SIEL’s treasurer. After graduating from the University of Hawai’i, and traveling and working abroad for a few years, she came to Lewis & Clark to study international environmental law. Amy’s interests in the field are in climate change policy, ocean resource management, and the intersection between indigenous rights and the environment. While in law school, Amy has worked on several international environmental issues: legislation and marine protection plan for Uruguay’s exclusive economic zone; wildlife trade and compliance under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES); and, guidance on mutual legal assistance for several African countries. Amy likes to spend her breaks at the beach or exploring other countries. 


Abigail StrassmanAbigail Strassman is a 2L and serves as the outreach coordinator for SIEL. She also currently participates in the International Environmental Law Project and conducts research for international environmental treaties. Before law school, Abby managed philanthropy and communications plans for The Nature Conservancy’s local, regional, and global programs, including carbon sequestration efforts, conservation easements, and energy siting. Additionally, she served as a writer for the environmental research institute at the University of Arizona, and as a part of the marketing team for the University of Arizona Foundation. When Abby does have the rare bit of free time, she enjoys exploring new places, trying to visit all seven continents, and horseback riding. Abby hopes to return to NGO work, but from the perspective of integrating science and policy to inform sustainable development and various conservation initiatives around the world.



Tess JacobsenTess Jacobsen is an LLM student and serves as LLM representative for SIEL. Tess graduated Lewis & Clark in 2019 and is currently an International Environmental Law Fellow at Lewis & Clark. She spent last summer working in Cambodia analyzing Cambodia’s laws and regulations for compliance with the United Nations REDD+ program. She hopes to one day work for an environmental NGO in Southeast Asia. In whatever free time school and work leaves, Tess enjoys riding her horse, photography, and watching cheesy movies with her dog and cat.




Skye Walker

Skye Walker is the 1L representative on the SIEL board. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Oregon State University. She studied political science, with an emphasis in environmental policy. While local air and water quality is important, Skye is more intrigued by international issues such as climate change, illegal wildlife trade, and ocean conservation. She hopes to use her law degree to practice both litigation and policy work in the field of environmental conservation. In her free time, Skye enjoys traveling, both domestically and internationally. Her next big trip will likely be to China or Japan.