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Business Law Fall Forum

Fall Forum

Workplace Secrets, Loyalty, and Poaching: Protecting Employer Interests and Employee Liberty


September 11, 2015


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This program is made possible by a generous grant from Libby and Michael McCaslin and the Keller Family Foundation


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Previous Fall Forum Topics:

2014 19th Annual- Educating the Transactional Business Lawyer

2013 18th Annual- Success & Failure in Professional Sports

2012 17th Annual- Balancing Investor Protections, the Environment, and Human Rights

2011 16th Annual- The Protected-Class Approach to Antidiscrimination Law: Logic, Effect, Reform

2010 15th Annual- Taxation and the Environment

2009 14th Annual- Intellectual Property Remedies

2008 Spring Symposium- Indigenous Economic Development: Sustainability, Culture and Business

2007 13th Annual- Nonobviousness- The Shape of Things to Come

2006- 12th Annual- The Aging of the Baby Boomer and America’s Changing Retirement System

2005- 11th Annual- Intellectual Property Remedies

2004- 10th Annual- Markman v. Westview Instruments: Lessons from a Decade of Experience

2003- 9th Annual- Economic Development

2002- 8th Annual- The Role of Law in Small Business Transactions

2001- 7th Annual- Deciding ICANN Domain Name Disputes - Questioning Delegation, Fairness & Consent

2000- 6th Annual- The Regulation of Small and Emerging Business

1999- 5th Annual- Intellectual Property in the New Millennium: Keeping Pace With Change

1998- 4th Annual- World Wide Labor Markets and Employment Law in the 21st Century

1997- 3rd Annual- Financing Innovation: The Future of Capital Formation for Small and Emerging    Business

1996- 2nd Annual- Business Enterprises: The Next Century

1995- 1st Annual- Taxation and the Family


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