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Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC)

Pedal Pursuit

Pedal Pursuit brings together bikers, attorneys, students, and environmental enthusiasts for a fun, team-based event in which participants navigate Portland by bike answering trivia questions, laughing, competing, and raising money for NEDC’s ongoing projects.

What is Pedal Pursuit?

Pedal Pursuit is NEDC’s largest public fundraiser for the year. This city-wide scavenger hunt by bike will fuse some of Portland’s greatest attributes: bikes, bridges, local businesses, and environmentally-conscious riders. The event will involve teams of up to 5 participants each, in an entertaining yet challenging bike rally. Teams will face physical challenges, games, and trivia questions as they navigate through Portland by bike. By successfully accomplishing a challenge or correctly answering a question, teams receive the clue to the next checkpoint.

  • Team, 1-5 players (includes access to after party): $300
  • Student team, 1-5 players (includes access to after party): $150
  • After party pass: $35


Rules of the game

OBJECT - Complete the secret course in the least amount of time.

GAMEPLAY - The secret course is a series of checkpoints. Correctly answer a question or complete a physical challenge at designated checkpoint to collect a clue to the next destination. Teams may take any path between the checkpoints, but must stop at the checkpoints in order. 

WINNING THE GAME - The team that completes the course in the shortest amount of time wins. Time will be calculated by subtracting any time bonuses from the full time to complete the course.

NOTES ON PLAY - Teams will start staggered, five minutes apart. All team members must complete the entire course and be present at each checkpoint before receiving a clue or attempting a physical challenge. Helmets are required whenever riding a bicycle.


All about the after party

No, we did not forget about what some might consider to be Portland’s greatest attribute: beer! Migration Brewing is generously hosting the post-race bash featuring food, drinks, and a raffle with excellent prizes. All participants, sponsors, and their guests are welcome to attend! A party pass is $35 for those who did not participate in Pedal Pursuit.


Why should I participate?

Pedal Pursuit gives you the chance to challenge yourself both physically and mentally, while having a BLAST! More importantly, Pedal Pursuit is a fundraiser for the Northwest Environmental Defense Center. 

The goal is to create a safe and dynamic bike event while educating participants about NEDC’s important legal work. Proceeds will benefit NEDC in our efforts to protect the natural resources of the Pacific Northwest.

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