Foundations of Professional Practice

Foundations of Professional Practice is a skills-development course that will help you define your professional identity, improve professionalism and job-seeking skills, and enhance your communications skills. You will use many of the skills learned in this class for both law school and law practice. 

This course is specifically designed to enhance the soft skills necessary for to be an effective and competent lawyer:

· You will learn strategies on managing your time and workload;

· You will learn strong communication skills and how to actively listen to others;

· You will gain understanding on diversity and inclusion, and learn ways to effectively communicate with people of different cultural, social, or socioeconomic backgrounds;

· You will learn how maximize your employment opportunities by creating a strong professional identity and by perfecting social skills in the workplace; 

· You will practice analytical skills for practice through cross-curriculum exercises; and

· You will learn effective study strategies and the best approaches for exam writing.