Anti-Discrimination Law

Anti-Discrimination Law - Professor David Schraub

  • Course Number: LAW-208
  • Course Type: Highly Specialized
  • Credits: 3
  • Enrollment Limit: 14
  • Description: This seminar will explore contemporary topics in anti-discrimination law, including both doctrinal and theoretical dimensions. The specific focus of the course may vary from year to year in terms of concentrating on matters of race, sex, religion, or indigeneity, among other potential areas. Regardless, course materials will cover a variety of perspectives on how anti-discrimination law should operate, including current jurisprudential rules as well as alternative and competing perspectives; latter accounts may draw directly from case law but also may stem from adjacent academic disciplines including Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Ethnic Studies. Class sessions are meant to be strongly discussion-oriented and participation-heavy. As this is meant to be a writing-intensive class, students will be assigned short reaction papers throughout the term in addition to a substantial written research work of their own design, with check-ins and revisions done across the semester.
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Evaluation Method: Final research paper, several short reaction papers, and class participation.
  • Capstone: Yes
  • WIE: Yes