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Lawyering III: Advanced Concepts in Analytical and Writing Skills

This upper level course is designed to improve foundational lawyering skills and provide in-depth instruction on analyzing, organizing, and writing legal arguments. This course will also focus on producing high-quality legal analysis in time-pressured situations such as law school exams or performance tests. This course is geared toward students who want to improve competency in fundamental legal skills to be practice ready. (Students who performed in the bottom 20% of their Lawyering II course are strongly encouraged to take this course).

Students will build on the concepts and skills gained in their first year Lawyering courses as they master core principles and attain greater sophistication as legal writers. Throughout the semester, students will complete in-class and take-home assignments tailored to strengthen their analytical and communication skills. They will also develop their ability to analyze complex issues. Specifically, students will work on critical reading and thinking, how to synthesize different sources of law, large-scale and small-scale organizational principles, crafting clear and succinct analysis, and producing a professional product.

This course satisfies the WIE requirement.

Pre-requisites: Lawyering I and II