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Copyright Law: Simulation Lab

LIMIT: 15 students

In this course students will complete a series of five simulations drawn from the experience of intellectual property practitioners. Copyright Law is a prerequisite for this course. Each simulation will last for two to three weeks (depending on the simulation) and will involve a different practicing attorney who will discuss the context for the simulation, a review of the relevant doctrine by the professor, and a collaboratively planned approach for each assignment. Assignments will require additional reading and research beyond the reading for the Copyright Law course. Some assignments will involve group work that will require coordination with classmates and meetings outside of class time. For each simulation assignment students will prepare a self-reflection. For some simulation assignments students will prepare a review of classmate’s assignments. For all simulation assignments, students will receive feedback on their work product from the professor and/or the participating practitioner for that simulation. A debriefing of the assignments will also be conducted by the practitioner for some assignments. Planned projects may include such tasks as drafting cease and desist letters; drafting responses to cease and desist letters; reviewing, negotiating and revising music industry contracts; conducting a fair use analysis and preparing a written summary of that analysis; and engaging in a documentary film review. The goal of this course is to provide students with a simulation-based window into the day-to-day practice of a lawyer specializing in copyright law, to familiarize students with the typical resources employed by practitioners to complete common copyright-related projects, and gain confidence in demonstrating the skills needed to be a successful IP lawyer.

Evaluation: Evaluation for this course is based on class participation, group work assessment, and final work-product submitted for each assignment.

Feedback: Combination of self-reflection, peer assessment, practitioner feedback and professor feedback.

Prerequisite: Copyright Law

Enrollment is limited to 15 students.